How does posture affect my health?

Recently, Dr. Zahedi and Dr. Aline Dahdah presented to a bunch of wonderful people at RAMS in Sydney. The Topic? “The importance of posture for health and wellbeing”. Rarely discussed or known, are the actual proven health benefits that good posture has.

The Symptoms of Bad Posture

During the presentation we talked about the symptoms of “bad posture” like the typical musculoskeletal pain such as neck, shoulder, back pain and headaches – which most of us already might be aware of. But what we may not already be aware of, are the other symptoms of bad posture that build up over time from prolonged sitting. These can include:

• Changes in our cortisol levels (our stress hormone) and testosterone.
• Lung capacity and Breathing
• Pulse rate
• Confidence in our own thoughts

Dispelling Common Posture Myths

We also dispelled some common myths about how to correct posture. Some of which include, “I’ll just build my back muscles”. The truth is, that we cannot change our posture consciously, and more importantly we shouldn’t have to! Simple, specific spinal adjustments will correct misalignments that our body cannot self-correct by one or a group of muscles. Leaving you able to concentrate on other things like exercising, working, sleeping and feel totally alive in your own capable body. That is the aim of our work, to allow you to feel and function at your very best.

A Posture Wellbeing Question

So I ask you, what is stopping you from feeling and functioning at the best you possibly can today?

Dr. Aline Dahdah

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