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How to Treat Aches & Pains | Chiropractic Care

How to Treat Aches and Pains | Chiropractic Care

Whether we realise it or not, every one of us is on an earthly journey which we would prefer to be smooth-sailing, effortless and free of pain. Our physical, mental and emotional health depend on it. So if you’ve ever wondered how to treat aches and pains, then a chiropractor can help. At the same time, we also recognise that it’s an impossible ideal, given that there are circumstances outside our control that can get in the way of personal happiness. In a world with a multitude of variables and innumerable possible outcomes to countless situations, it is important to realise that you are not the SOLE creator, but you are probably the most vital co-creator of your life. Further, if you have certain pains in your body this can have a signficantly negative impact on your life. Chiropratic care can help ease this pain. 

Heal Yourself with Chriopractic Healthcare 

Why then do we often feel resigned to genetics or other circumstances in matters concerning our health? The truth is, the biggest contributor to your wellness is you, and everything you need to heal is within you. Your mind is a powerful force, and it needs to be fed the right thoughts in order to be a force for your good. “Garbage in, garbage out”, as the saying goes. Disempowering thoughts such as “it runs in my family”, “I’ve had this condition since childhood”, “I’ve tried everything and nothing’s worked”, and “I don’t think that will help” are almost certain to make you lose the battle against whatever it is you want to rid your life of. A regular pain for indviduals as they age is back pain. Replacing those thoughts with “I am unique, and no one else is like me”, “I can have everything I want with a little planning and effort,” “I’m going to keep doing this until I see the results I want” and “If it’s worked for someone else, then it most definitely will work for me” put you in the right headspace for accomplishing your goals in life. Any well-respected fitness trainer, nutritionist, psychologist, counsellor, doctor or coach will always discuss what YOU desire to achieve before drawing out a personalised plan for you. 

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Similarly, when you have your first consultation at Clinic 27 or Complete Chiropractic, you can expect our Chiropractors to go through your health wellness goals with you so that we can show you what’s possible and in what timeframe. There are no quick fixes, and “no one size fits all” applications at our clinics. Just as your body, your mind, your lifestyle and your goals are unique, so too will be your chiropractic care. We will both need to understand your “WHY”, in order to recommend the “WHAT” and “HOW”. Our actions will not only be aligned with our belief in chiropractic, but also with YOUR vision. What does health mean to you, and what does a life of optimal health look like for you? Going back to the power of your mind, your values and goals will be critical in determining your commitment to care and the rate of your progress. Your body has an amazing ability to heal itself, and chiropractic care is one of a few catalysts towards that healing. 

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