Dr. Louren Katague



My health philosophy is all about how the mind and body are truly connected. How the body’s stress response creates changes within the whole system. Leaving the body more susceptible to injury and reinjury.

I enjoy treating all types of patients from the young to the old and helping improve their quality of life. As well as helping patients reach their full potential for movement post injury and beyond.

As a chiropractor I am honoured to help be part of the journey back to body awareness, decreasing stress response, helping decrease strain on the body and re-educating better movement patterns overall.

I love yoga and pilates and think everyone should find what makes their bodies feel amazing.

After graduating from Macquarie University Masters of Chiropractic I am ready to treat sports-related injuries and prevention. As well as understanding a wholistic approach with a Diploma in Mind Body Medicine and Kinesiology.

My wholistic approach to care is something im passionate about sharing and helping people reach their full potential.