Dr. Angus Phelps


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Angus enjoys managing musculoskeletal conditions and improving athletic performance, but also recognises the power of Chiropractic in providing a foundation for good health, both physically and mentally. He has seen the best results in patients who utilise Chiropractic not as a palliative solution, but as a healthy lifestyle strategy. He is motivated by seeing lifestyle changes and long-term improvements in his patients.

He offers a pro-active style of healthcare and believes in preventative chiropractic care. He tailors your treatment plan, helping you make informed decisions about your health so you can realise your physical and mental potential.

As a graduate of Macquarie University’s Master of Chiropractic and with a history as a rugby player and swimmer, Angus particularly enjoys preventing and treating sports injuries.

Angus is deeply committed to lifelong learning and continual professional development, enabling him to offer you expert chiropractic care.